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Coaching Multiple Brains: Essays, Ideas and Explorations on Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) Coaching (Worldwide Coaching Magazine Presents Book 2)


Since its first publication in 2012 Grant Soosalu’s and Marvin Oka’s book ‘mBraining - Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff’ has reached thousands of people across the globe.

Their research and the practical implications of the multiple brain integration techniques have already enhanced the lives of many and mBIT training became one of the most successful tools for coaches.

Grant Soosalu graciously agreed to write a series of articles about mBIT coaching in the Worldwide Coaching Magazine. These articles were collected and published in ‘Coaching Wisdom’ in 2015.

Since then Grant, together with Dr. Suzanne Henwood, has continued to write articles about mBraining for our magazine which are collected in this ebook.

Sadly, Grant passed away in June 2019 but his important work will continue to touch the lives of many across the globe in the years to come.

Many coaches and trainers have embraced mBraining and continue to spread the important findings of Grant and Marvin’s research.

Dr. Suzanne Henwood is one of them. As an mBIT Master Coach and Master Trainer she has certified hundreds of mBIT coaches across the globe and continues to spread Grant’s legacy.

I am delighted to present to you this ebook and hope it will continue to touch and enhance the lives of its readers and thus creating a better world.

Coaching Multiple Brains: Essays, Ideas and Explorations ...

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