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A Library of Knowledge

... In collaboration with wisdom

The mBraining Global community is proud to share an extensive library of videos, articles and other resources including a list of publications, all covering the subject of mBraining. In addition look out for exclusive downloads, exciting extras and the opportunity to contribute yourself.

Several Open Books


From scientific literature to colouring books, our library has something that is bound to be of interest to you. We’ve collected a broad range of titles for our recommended reads and we are adding new books and authors to our list all of the time.


Be the first to write a review, leave a rating and share insights for the rest of the community to enjoy. From children's books to professional support and everything in-between, we invite you to browse our recommended titles and find your next read.


If you are an author, why not submit your book for listing within our pages, we can connect direct to all of the leading stores, including Amazon and Waterstones, making it easier to reach a like minded audience.


Registration to our community is entirely free, takes only a moment and gives full access to all of our members content.



Wise decision making, navigating chaotic times and the brain in my heart are just three titles from our growing archive or recommended articles from thought leaders across the globe.

If you have a serious interest in mBraining or other related modalities, scientific or otherwise, our library of academic papers is an excellent resource for your further research.

Maybe you would like to submit a paper and become a part of academic faculty, sharing your wisdom, collaborating with your fellow community members to bring compassion to the world.

Join now to get involved; debate, comment and review.

Book Stack
Watching a Video


We are starting to build a video archive and invite you to share with us your reviews and comments across a growing number of productions.

An explanation of mBraining as a coaching modality and a vision for mBraining are just two such titles and we of course plan to add more.

Perhaps you have a video you would like to share with our community, what better way to reach a connected audience completely in tune with your field of coaching? Simply send us a link to your video and we will review and upload to our library, complete with appropriate credits.

Help us to deliver compassion  and courage to the world through creativity and collaboration. Get involved today and join today.


As if that were not enough, you will also find listings for mBraining coaches and trainers. So if you are looking for a coach or you want to train to become mBit certified, our community can support you.


Maybe you are already a coach using mBraining as a part of your toolbox? By joining our community you can become listed and visible to our other members.


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