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Christos Dais
Toni Atkinson
Adnan Hussain

Over 10 years of Experience in training, mentoring & coaching 1000+ Clients (Corporate & Individual) and Founder Eanlpworld in Lebanon, Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Certified Trainer in mBraining, NLP, Sales & Leadership, Member in the mBIT, NASP, INLPTA, IATC, ANLP.


I am passionate about guiding individuals toward their best selves. With a background in training and coaching, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing remarkable transformations. Whether it’s honing professional skills, overcoming personal obstacles, or achieving health and wellness goals, I’m here to champion your journey!!!

Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia
Johan Volschenk
Melissa Strehmel
Marwa Ibrahim
Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, PCC

I am a purposeful, passionate and compassionate transformational executive coach, certified professional corporate trainer, Professional Certified mBIT Master Coach, President of ICF Ghana Chapter, and lead consultant for Zoweh Global Consult with almost two decades of combined experience and over 2000 coaching hours.

His core competencies are Ontological-Mindfulness-Ecological Executive Coaching, Systemic thinking, mBIT Coaching, Neuroscience, Strategic Communication & Branding, Leadership & Team Building, Management & Strategic Corporate re-engineering.

He has offered executive coaching to industry leaders in Africa, the UK, and the USA and facilitated varied training for many companies such as Cocoa Processing Company, Ghana Airports Company Limited, Ghana National Gas Company Limited, Ridge Nest Hotel, Ridge Royal Hotel, Smile Train Inc Africa and co-facilitated for RigWorld International Services, Synlab Ghana, and Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Ghana.

𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝗮𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗿 𝗽𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴
- Africa's first Certified Ontological-Mindfulness-Ecological and Systemic Thinking Executive Coach from Ideal Coaching Global-USA,
- Africa's first black male Certified Professional mBIT Master Coach, NeuroCoach Institute, South Africa and mBIT International
- First male Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in Ghana – from International Coaching Federation(ICF)-the USA,
- Certified Professional Corporate Trainer ( IAPPD-UK).
- The world's first student to graduate with an Advanced Diploma in Leadership Studies from the Institute of Commercial Management(ICM) in the UK
- Holds Graduate Diploma in Management Studies - Institute for Commercial Management ( United Kingdom)
- Author 4 books and over 100 articles in print and online news portals (local and international)
- Featured in over 200 radio and TV interviews in Ghana, South Africa, the UK, the USA, etc

Accra, Ghana
Dermot Rush
Henrie Lidiard
Fasil Tsegaw
Kristin Merwin
Gina Cole
Charlene Kidd
Jutta Wenzel
Dini Griffioen
Don Johnson
Dorothy Oliver
Sarah Whalen
Bernie Rogers
andree morgan
Antelina Varfi
Kailyn Senaldi
Rebecca van der Merwe
Helen Lloyd
Jessica Laura Tietjen
Shireesh Pingle
Aniruddh Kumar
Christel Roux
Helen Oakwater

If you're looking for an experienced professional Coach (20+years) with multiple modalities including mBIT Master Coach, a sense of humour and unfazeable. I'm here.

Since adopted 3 children from the UK care system in early 1990s, Ive been exploring parenting, trauma and healing tools This knowledge weaves into my coaching approach, style and way of being.

My clients need a sense of humour, courage and big ideas/dreams/challenges. Truth telling is essential, but I don't want or need your story. The intention is transformation and a light touch.

Claire King
Cindy Lobo
Philippa Harwood-Little
Jueun Kang
Vibhu Khera
Marelise Bekker
Sofie Dahlman
Philip End
Susan Dittes
Pam Frydman
Jeff Kidner
Jo Barritt
Katia Beltrame
Alex Ukanwa
Lawrence Shaw

I am a certified multiple brain integration techniques (mBIT) life coach who incorporates multiple neuroscience modalities to achieve results. I have a penchant for helping individuals and teams become unstuck. I love to “light the lamp” (a hockey expression from my days of playing!) in others to experience clarity of desire and purpose and be equipped to act on those desires and purposes confidently. My certifications and years of experience as a Lean Sigma Master Black Belt and Master Trainer have trained me to ferret out root causes and to help solve for them in the leanest most profound ways. Let’s face it, decision-making is challenging for everyone, and team decision-making can be exponentially more difficult. That’s why I created WINSHAW®, a transformational SaaS tool that helps individuals and teams make better decisions in less time and with tremendous confidence. WINSHAW® utilized with mBIT is powerful!

My corporate consulting, coaching and training clients include companies and organizations of all sizes and types, including AT&T, Emory University, Coca-Cola, AIA, American Family Insurance, Atrium Healthcare, Zaxby’s, Ritz-Carlton, Europartners, Open Road Films, and Driscoll’s Berries. Individual clients have come from not only organizations like these but from other domains in my life. I would be honored to explore whether I am a fit to work for you.

Core Services include:

1. Life coaching employing mBIT and other neuroscience modalities

2. Decision-making facilitation utilizing WINSHAW®

3. Lean Innovation coaching and training

4. Process improvement execution, training, and coaching

5. Change Leadership

Atlanta, GA
United States
Lauren Douglas
Sarah Benjamin
Oana Noia
Nik Bisbey
Anda `
Nita Shah-Evans
Fran Jupp
Elizabeth Lehmann
Cindy Schrick
Samantha Jayasuriya
Bruce Grimley
Karen Lindsay
Dave Wood
Karen Nicholson
Lisa Johnson
Hampshire, UK
Beth Gray

As an inner life coach, I ask questions that make my clients look authentically at their thoughts, feelings, deeply held beliefs, and habits. Sometimes, this is uncomfortable. But the questions lead to solving problems, providing them with inner wisdom, security and direction.

mBraining 📷takes you to a new place: it is generative inner wisdom. You take everything that you are: your thoughts, definitions, imagination - your feelings, values, priorities, desires, wants, and hopes - your fears, needs, self-preservation, motivation and deepest core identity - and align all of this within.

What deep inner wisdom and mastery evolves as you go through this process of inner life coaching?

Some might say that happiness is an inside job - I say that well-being is an inside job! It's more than just happiness. It is genuinely well: thriving because you have achieved inner mastery. You truly know yourself and, therefore, can live authentically.

Sarah Doll-Steinberg
Suzanne Mason
Olefile Masangane
Laurence Burrow
Patsy Anthony
Lisa Michelle Harvey
Shoshana Bloom
Helen Noonan
Astrid Emond
Ana Smith
Dr John McSwiney
Sharon Tomkins
Miquette Dobros
Jennifer Kenney-Smith
Shashidhar Patil
John Gent
Billie Hedges
Hayley Fretwell
Jillian Ramsden

Jillian Ramsden - Personal Empowerment Strategist

Jillian Ramsden is the Founder and Principal at The Listening Space, where she helps individuals, business owners, and organisations get the results they want through simple strategies that achieve their goals.

With 8 years of experience as a counsellor and emotion-focused therapist, Jillian has repositioned herself as a personal empowerment strategist accredited in several tools including:

  • Master mBIT Coach
  • Master Practitioner NLP
  • Master Conscious Hypnotist
  • Master of Coaching
  • Accredited Extended DISC Behavioural Profiler

Jillian specialises in working with men, offering practical emotional intelligence and solutions that help them find their sense of direction, meaning, and purpose in life. Her approach is action-oriented and result-driven, helping her clients develop achievable strategies that work for them.

In the corporate setting, Jillian facilitates workshops using eDISC behavioural profiling, emotional intelligence, and other selected tools to help teams develop better communication, reduce stress, build more positive working relationships, and create healthier workplaces.

Jillian created a free resource for men called "7 powerful questions for men to reclaim your purpose and direction in life," which aims to help men find their own direction and reconnect with their purpose in life.

Contact Jillian Ramsden to start your journey towards personal empowerment and find your purpose at The Listening Space.

Melbourne Australia
Suzanne Roberts
Jacqui von Horsten
Collette Whelan
Ken Brinsdon
Des Regan
Jacinta Banks
Stephen Clements
Flaminia Fazi
Gabriella Pach
South Africa
Andrew Barber

I have been a system architect and technology consultant for over 30 years, working mostly as a CTO or CEO while serving on various different advisory boards. I have helped numerous companies across a smorgasbord of different industries to tailor digital systems and polices to fit very specific needs.


My Chapter 9 was to help to develop tools and platforms that would enable mBraining to grow as a global force for good. More recently, my efforts have been further fueled by the last interviews of Grant Soosalu and his vision for the future around community, co-collaboration and co-creativity. As a result I have developed mCommuning with academic collaboration from Elizabeth Summerfield and continued supervision from Dr. Suzanne Henwood and Sarah Carruthers.


The object of mCommuning is to create communities that promote growth, collaboration and creativity while offering more opportunities to earn, learn and save time. My coaching and mentoring is geared toward helping the individual to better understand and get the most out of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX), Digital Marketing and Digital Publishing. Through mCommuning, I can help an individual or company to better organise their digital presence; increasing the scope, visibility and profitability of their business, while naturally increasing creativity, collaboration and available time.


Whether creating your own website, creating a policy for social media or looking for ways to free up time and be more creative, mCommuning can provide long term solutions that become habitual, providing benefits long into the future.


I provide a free 30 minute chemistry and introduction virtual call (just provide your own tea, coffee or something stronger). I really hope to hear from you soon.


As a professional Facilitator (in all things relating to Communication) as well as an Executive & multiple Brain Coach I've developed a reputation for delivering immediate and highly practical results for clients and my workshop participants.

I start from understanding precisely what my client wants.

Then I pull out all stops to ensure their desired outcome is achieved and to a high level of satisfaction!

Having a background in NLP (Master Practitioner level) and in human behaviour with over 800 hours of coaching I partner with my clients to remove blocks that prevent them from living at their Highest Expressions. Want transformation? Let's chat for half an hour - it free!

Frank van Nimwegen

Caniquest and Connection Academy: making ordinary people special. We train and coach leaders ánd their teams to be the best teamleader ever and best team ever.

Using NLP, mBIT, Positive Pschycologie and coaching with dogs makes our program interesting, effective and most of all: fun. Please join us and grow!


The Netherlands
Jyothi Iyer

Jyothi, is a success & mindset coach, helping corporate executives, leaders and professionals with their career and leadership challenges by helping them overcome obstacles and moving them forward to their best work and impact at all times at the same time balance other dimensions of their life equally well.

She has 17 plus years of experience in corporate human resources across diverse industries and geographies. During this period she had the opportunity to work closely with senior leaders, middle management teams as well as individual contributors. She has now decided to actively serve this community through coaching & personal development programs.

Jyothi is an ICF certified co-active coach (CPCC), certified mBraining coach and NLP practitioner. She is also trained in Hypnotherapy (Basic) and Graphology.

She loves colors and the infinite possibilities they can bring to a blank canvas; so in her free time she is also a fine artist.

United Arab Emirates
Nisha Thomas

I have personally gained much with my exposure to NLP and then as a mbraining coach since 2017. With more than 20+yrs of corporate experience internationally and now as India's 1st mBraining Trainer, engage with me to elevate your thinking through the lemons that Life throws at you; which will get you the best ever lemonade with Creativity, Compassion and Courage.

+91 9606369189
Elizabeth Hartley

Elizabeth is an Internationally certified mBIT Trainer, Psychotherapist and Master Coach. Elizabeth is one of the first 70 licensed Multiple Brain Integration Trainers in the world and one of the first 20 mBIT Master Coaches fortunate enough to train with Co Founder Grant Soosalu, along with Wilbert Molennar and Dr Suzanne Henwood.


My decision to train as a Master Coach and Trainer within the field of mBraining has been one of my wisest decisions. I get to witness such amazing shifts and changes for my clients.


Elizabeth specialises in working with therapists, coaches and aspiring coaches to become certified mBIT coaches.



Masters Degree in Psychotherapy from The University of Kent at Canterbury.


Certified mBIT Master Coach and Trainer.


ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) level Five Coaching Certificate.


NLP Practitioner.


Professional Memberships

British Association for Counselling.

British Psychological Society

The Association of Coaching


Multiple Brain Integration Techniques is a new coaching modality that has emerged from the field of neuroscience. This is what sets mBIT Coaching as a leading edge coaching modality - coaching based in neuroscience.

Canterbury, Kent. UK.
Clive Teare

I’m originally from the UK where my ancestors were traditional healers. I started working life as an apprentice in a technical trade, then travelled and worked my way up via many different industries, finally being a manager for multi-national companies before returning to my ancestral roots. Living in Auckland, New Zealand, I primarily specialise in helping men change and grow. Using mBIT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, and a range of other modalities in my toolbox, I coach in person or via Zoom, and can assist and guide you to becoming who you want to be – as long as you are open and willing to do the work.


I primarily specialise in helping men change and grow.

New Zealand
Moana Robinson

Moana Robinson is a best selling Author, Presenter, Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Passion & Purpose Coach and mBIT Coach. As a Coach and Personal Stylist Moana coaches many people especially women on presentation, confidence, passion and purpose and conducts Colour and Style Analysis face to face and online. Coaching and styling sessions can be held face to face in Brisbane or the Gold Coast or online globally.

Gold Coast
Andrew Carruthers

When you are in the state of integration and embodiment, it is the fullest expression of your Being. From this space, your innate wisdom can easily come forward and guide you once again. You are the power you've been looking for. You are the wisdom you have been searching for. This has always been true and it always will be.

My role is to Support You on the journey back to this truth by facilitating exploration internally, externally, and spiritually. Together, we will chart new maps, write new narratives, and forge new paths to bring you closer to your Highest Expression which in turn, benefits all who walk on Mother Earth.

Come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to step into the journey.

Let's set up a complimentary "exploration session" to see if what I offer is in alignment with your needs and, most importantly, to see if we connect in a way that will Serve You best.


Andrew is a certified mBit Coach and mBit Trainer with 10 years of personal coaching experience and 21 years of experience teaching, mentoring, and coaching within the salon industry. These journeys have prepared Andrew to be in service to his community via one to one coaching, group coaching, seminars, and keynote presentations both in-person and digitally.

Talent, OR - Rogue Valley
Dima Ghoneim

Dima is a Life Designer, Business Coach, Master NLP Coach, and an mBraining coach. With over 15 years of experience across multiple business industries, mostly in Business Consulting, she now coaches and helps individuals and startups courageously move forward after gaining clarity on their values, goals and what is stopping them from authentically being themselves.


Saudi Arabia
Kerry Smith

"Hearing voices of the world's children to co-create a more compassionate world."

Kerry's passion is to listen to children when they truly express themselves and eliminate that which is holding them back. If you are looking for a coach for children then Kerry is your first choice.


Kerry is a certified mBraining Coach with a Masters in Educational leadership. Her expertise supporting young children to become successful has grown through a career spanning 30 years in education. In addition, Kerry holds certification as an NLP Master Practitioner Coach and Emotional Intelligence Assessor for Education.

Areas of Expertise

emotional intelligence, children and teenagers, leadership




United Arab Emirates
Laura Masters

Aligning clear action with core values, Laura inspires her clients to create confidence and powerful positivity that naturally transforms relationships, careers, and overall personal well-being. Using neuroscience, coaching tools, and her innate, perceptive intuition, Laura effectively creates a deeper awareness of authentic dreams and purpose in her clients, explores a myriad of invigorating possibilities and creative strategies for action steps, and brilliantly guides individuals towards the achievement of inspired, powerful results. Laura studies extensively in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, education, and learning with an intent to understand the ways in which our brains learn, rewire, and facilitate personal growth and happiness. Laura's goal for you is that you love every minute of your life! Laura has been a life coach since 2017, a natural next step from her education therapy practice (The Masters Company for Learning, Inc.) which she has owned and operated for more than thirty years.


My areas of specialty: Life Coach: Personal growth, positivity, handling stress and anxiety, the neuroscience of learning, setting/achieving goals, connecting with self, managing change, improving overall well-being.

Amy Mercer

Amy has been a life coach, educator and presenter for 25 years. She continues to study extensively in the field of psychology, neuroscience, education, and learning as they apply to how the brain learns, rewires and facilitates personal growth and happiness. She is a certified mBIT coach And Trainer and has participated in the mBIT based Next Level coaching program.


Area of specialty:  Helping clients rewire their neurology for positive change.

Shelly Bean

I help misfits, deviants, & rebels to unleash and accept their sexuality, take control of their sexual identity, and design relationships on their own terms. We work together to bring you home to that place where you know yourself completely, even if you've never been there before, and you get to know deep down who you truly are and what you stand for so strongly that it doesn't matter what other people think or say about you. And the best part? You stop judging yourself and start loving yourself the way you've always wanted to be loved.



Sexuality, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyamory/Relationship Anarchy etc

Women's Empowerment

LGBTQI+ Issues

General Badassery

Wendy Shaw

mBIT & NLP Trainer & Coach


20 years based in the UAE working with multi-nationals across industries in the melting pot of the Middle East. ICF member since 2010, Wendy is passionate about working with individuals, teams and organizations to help them unlock their potential and connect below the neck.


Wendy comes from a corporate Hospitality background and also delivers leadership programs for EMBA students around the globe for a variety of business schools.


Wendy heads up the Middle East mBraining Community, offers regular mBrainer's practice sessions, webinars and speaking opportunities to share mBraining with the world.


Licensed mBIT Trainer for mBIT Coach Certification, Leadership Decision Making & Evolve Your World.




Speciality: Personal & Professional Wellbeing (holistic approach)

United Arab Emirates
Gayle Young

Gayle is an mBIT Trainer and Master coach, who co-Founded her coaching & training business in 2008 and is a successful practitioner and supporter to Executives, teams and private clients. She has a very broad toolkit that encompasses applied business skills in company management, blended with professionally recognised competencies in psychometrics, NLP, mental health and mBraining. Gayle is a sincere and dedicated individual whose passion for people shines through in her Coaching, training and the leadership and management of her own teams.


Your area(s) of speciality:

Stress management and Mental Health

Leadership Development

Self-development, personal evolution

Dr Suzanne Henwood

Dr Suzanne Henwood is a coach with 20+ years of experience who uses a range of modalities and tools to ensure her services are client centred, evidenced based, neurophysiological and designed to meet their specific needs.  Suzanne is one of two licensed mBIT Master Trainers Globally, an mBIT Master Coach and co-leads the mBIT Next Level Programme. She worked for 7 years with Grant Soosalu to develop and research mBraining and continues to grow the field and support other coaches and trainers.  Her tool box includes:  mBraining, NLP, Time Line Therapy, ACT, FACT, Mindfulness, Refocusing Counselling, Havening (in training), Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Polyvagal Informed Therapy, Map of Meaning, Certified Heart Math Practitioner and others.


Area(s) of speciality:

Stress and Anxiety

Deep Belief change

Inner healing


Psychological Safety

New Zealand
Fay Millington

Fay combines her mBraining, Master Conscious Hypnosis, Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), Life and Leadership Coaching skills to support client transformation.


Area/s of Specialty:

Women struggling to make a big decision or take the action they desire in their life.

Employed women at the early stages of creating their heart-centred business.

Emilie Janson

Having been on her own personal healing journey, Emilie recently shared her empowering message during her Tedx Talk "From Worrier to Warrior, how to live a more fulfilling life". Emilie who is a recovering people-pleaser guides her clients to step back into their own power allowing them to genuinely and gracefully say 'No' in tricky situations.


Your area(s) of Speciality: Emotional healing around eczema, overwhelm, anxiety, mind-body connection, boundaries, confidence in relationships

Dara Caryotis

Dara is passionate about working with individuals and groups to expand their self-awareness, break down self-limiting barriers and to step into new ways of living: with a deep sense of congruence, purpose, passion, and play.


She builds trust empowering her clients to explore their emotions, beliefs, and behaviours to see how these are impacting their relationships and life specifically. Dara helps her clients connect with what is truly important to them, to align their thinking around this and find the curiosity and courage to make it real.


She appreciates blending coaching and therapeutic approaches to achieve the best results and possibilities for her clients


Areas of specialty:

Wellbeing and resilience, Leadership Coaching, Personal Development, Career Coaching, Training

Christel Roux

Christel's passion is to journey with clients to transform their relationship with themselves, others, and the world they live in, to empower them to live a more joyful and prosperous life.


Christel's areas of speciality are the following:


Transition Coaching

From anxiety to coherence Coaching

Personal growth and development Coaching


What clients may expect on this coaching journey:

  • Removing the block/s that keeps them stuck.
  • Overcoming disempowering emotional states such as frustration, depression, anger and anxiety.
  • Increasing their self-awareness.
  • Gain clarity in how they experience life and becoming more productive, effective and creative.
  • Redefining their life by taking stock, letting go of who they thought they should be.
  • Redefining who they are and who they are becoming!


Christel is an international certified mBIT and an NLP certified Coach. She obtained her Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Johannesburg and her Coaching qualifications from NeuroCoach Academy South Africa and mBIT International.

South Africa
Colleen Lansdell

Colleen Lansdell is Life Coach, Trainer and Speaker and helps introvert entrepreneurs and professionals lean into their greatest desires, gain confidence, connect with their wisdom, self-compassion and deep intuition to align to their purpose and highest potential.


With a holistic mind body and spiritual approach she is passionate about inspiring people to heal self-sabotage, doubt and fear to evolve their mindset, build an abundant business and attract the career of their dreams.


Colleen is a qualified Master mBIT Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Behavior Profiler. She is also an accredited mBIT Trainer.

Maria Soroka

Always being curious about life and exploring different fields from business and marketing to psychology and spiritual healing, Maria brings a blend of mBraining, NLP, yoga, meditation and breathwork into her sessions.


Maria helps her clients to move from feeling unfulfilled and disconnected to stepping into their power and realising their full potential by connecting to their inner wisdom.


Maria holds an MSc in Psychology and she is an mBIT master coach.


Languages: English and Russian


Areas of Specialty

-Finding your purpose

-Healthy relationships

-New beginnings

-Discovering true you

-Spiritual growth

Robyn Banks

Towards learning, loving, creating and collaborating a life well lived.


We began our lives believing we were creative and for most of us, some time later our internal chatter had us believe we are not! With a creative business career spanning 40 years, and many hundreds of hours of study, I have created a life of loving what I do and sharing it with clients, colleagues, friends and family. I continue to develop and give short creative courses, as well as one on one personal coaching, utilising my continued education of NLP, mBIT, neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioural modelling.  All this helps clients discover their own natural creativity, have  more fun and ask themselves even better questions. This leads to noticing, then unblocking the obstacles which get in the way of achieving mastery in the areas which  are truely valuable in their lives.

Ruth Christie

Areas of Specialty: Executive/Leadership coaching including self-leadership.


Ruth is a leadership coach and consultant who is passionate about helping people become intentionally impactful so they create a positive ripple effect in the world.

Her leadership development and coaching supports high-performers to flourish by providing fresh perspectives to expand their thinking, better understand themselves and accelerate action and change.


Her leadership philosophy is founded on self-leadership and her coaching helps people to understand their own human experience so they can get the best out of themselves and others.  Her clients come to her seeking clarity and confidence in order to create the impact they desire,  and in the words of a recent client, " Ruth will help you find your legacy. She's that good".

New Zealand
Brian Gude

After completing my law study over 30 years ago I followed my heart and became a confectioner. A decision I have always been grateful for! Having done this in several capacities, one of them being a teacher. Working with my students has led me on my new path into coaching and hypnotherapy. A different way of serving others through working with their stories.


We all tell ourselves stories and most of the time we are not truly aware of the real ones, as these are hidden in our subconscious mind. It's when our stories keep us stuck, stop us from moving forward, that we need someone to help us change our stories.

This is my passion: I love to help people change their stories, help them move forward again.

There are many ways of doing this. As well as being an mBit coach, I am an hypnotherapist and an EMDR-therapist.

I see cliënts face to face as well as online.



Languages: Dutch and English.

The Netherlands
Sarah Carruthers

Sarah is an internationally recognised transformational coach, trainer, speaker and ex-high performance athlete.   With more than two decades coaching, Sarah has worked with a wide range of challenges including:- rewiring past trauma, reducing stress, building resilience, accessing creativity, finding meaning and purpose, compassionate communication, turning up performance, enhancing focus and developing leadership skills.  


Her coaching toolbox includes mBraining, humanistic-NLP, hypnosis, havening, mindfulness, neuro-coaching, MBSC, Hearthmath, Refocusing Counselling, Time Line Therapy, Map of Meaning, Polyvagal Informed Therapy and Spiritual Direction.


Sarah’s passion is weaving together practical neuroscience to help clients reach their outcomes and access their innate potential. She has successfully helped clients from age 5 to 93 make positive ontological changes and believes it is never too late to make a positive change.


As well as one on one coaching, Sarah helps employees and organisations thrive via the design and delivery of engaging corporate workshops and trainings to help employees and organisations thrive.



“After working with Sarah for the last 18 months, I’d recommend her work to anyone wanting to make a real change that lasts. Sarah helped me to honestly and compassionately unwrap the internal resistance and challenges that held me back. Working with Sarah has improved my everyday life as well as my working life.  I am happier, more productive and make wiser decisions.” ~ Chrissy


“I was overwhelmed and struggling to find motivation. I felt like a duck paddling like mad underneath the surface whilst pretending all is ‘fine.’ Not only do I feel so much more positive about life now. I believe in myself – that I can do it and have a set of tools to support me in that journey.” ~ Laura

New Zealand
New Plymouth
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