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Guided visualizations to bring the human spirit alive...Creative visualization Journeys inspired by NLP and the new field of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) to uplift your heart, delight your mind and deeply relax your soul…Words have power! Stories and metaphors told wisely can influence perception, make new meaning and deeply change lives. Inspired by the power of metaphor, visualization and hypnotic languaging to bring about generative change, this book provides a set of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and NLP inspired guided-visualization and relaxation scripts that you can read out loud to lead the people you love into deep and generative trances. The scripts in this book provide beautiful journeys deep into mountains, forests and beaches; filling you, and those you are reading them to, with the sensory experiences of gliding and travelling through these beautiful, restful and spiritual places.Research shows that visualization is almost as powerful as the real experience. And there is a substantial body of science that backs up the usefulness and impact of creative visualization to decrease stress, increase wellness and help bring about positive change in people’s lives. Allied to this, it has been shown that green-space (being out in nature) and blue-mind (being around the ocean and beach) have substantial healing properties. And not everyone is skilled at creating metaphors and guided visualizations impromptu. This book therefore teaches you the science behind the Journeys, shows you how to read them, and provides the scripts to make it easy to guide someone into a deep journey of entrancing delight

mBIT Guided Journeys for the Heart, Mind and Soul

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