The mBIT Coaching Workbook provides your Clients with practical, impactful and easy to do exercises for use between coaching sessions, exploring and uncovering deeper patterns and processes within their multiple brains. This becomes a powerful tool for guiding their ongoing mBIT Coaching sessions, opening up avenues of personal evolution that might not otherwise have been discovered. This Facilitators Guide shows you how to use the mBIT Coaching Workbook to facilitate transformational evolutionary change.This mBIT Coaching Workbook Facilitators Guide, is designed to teach you how to use the exercises in the Workbook to create deeper levels of emergence up the mBIT Roadmap. The Roadmap can be seen as a competency hierarchy. It’s obvious that for Clients to be able to access profoundly integrated wisdom in their lives, they need to build their skills and competencies at each level of the Roadmap. This guide shows you how.Learn how to harness the latest scientific knowledge along with deep insights from esoteric and spiritual traditions to guide your Clients to greater wisdom, success and happiness.The exercises in the mBIT Coaching Workbook help you transform your Clients’ relationships to themselves, to others, and to the world in which they live. If you’re serious about coaching self-evolution, then the mBIT Coaching Workbook and this Facilitators Guide can truly make a generative difference!The mBIT Coaching Workbook - Facilitators Guide takes mBIT Coaching to the next level and helps you facilitate your Clients to evolve their world!

mBIT Coaching Workbook - Facilitators Guide

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