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Handbook of Intuition Research as Practice (Handbooks of Business and Management Research as Practice series)


How can intuition research inform practice? As the use of intuition in business has become more widely accepted, companies struggle to understand how to use this additional resource efficiently, while corporate trainers and university educators lack tools to develop it as a skill. This truly international Handbook provides relevant answers with:


  • chapters by academics and practitioners, written in a concise, digestible format to make it accessible to non-academic readers
  • empirical studies from multiple industry/service sectors that demonstrate an integrated use of intuition and analysis in decision making
  • studies from industry and education that demonstrate how to develop intuition, including a ground-breaking research in problem solving
  • non-Western perspectives illustrated on case studies from Japan and China
  • use of language protocols/methods to bring intuition into our awareness
  • new research into group/collective intuition (based on language analysis and quantum physics)
  • research related to sensing and sense making.

Due to its focus on bridging theory and practice, the Handbook is of value not only to academics and organizational researchers but also to industry professionals, corporate trainers and university educators who search for answers on how to incorporate intuition into a common skill set. Accessible in style, it will also appeal to educated business readers.

Contributors include: A. Antonietti, B.T. Bakken, A. Bas, D. Bscak, R.T. Bradley, H. Cairns-Lee, B. Colombo, V. Dörfler, M. Egorov, A.N. Gani, S. Germagnoli, J. Gibb, L.M. Gillin, M. Goller, M. Grant, A. Größler, T. Hærem, C. Harteis, S. Henwood, P. Iannello, L. Isenman, K. Isomura, A. Kobayashi, G. Lufityanto, N. Meziani, F. Nilsson, A.-C. Nordvall, A. Pircher Verdorfer, J. Pretz, A. Price, M. Sinclair, G. Soosalu, B. Steffen, S. Streukens, S. Teerikangas, M. Turunen, L. Välikangas, A.C.R. van Riel, M. Wang, X. Wang, K. White, J. Woiceshyn, K. Zulkosky

Handbook of Intuition Research as Practice ...

SKU: ISBN-13: 978-1788979740
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