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The Community Presence Badge

  • 7Days
  • 30Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Why should I want this badge? This badge acts as an orientation around the mBraining-Global platform and teaches the user how all of the different parts of the system fit together so to gain the best possible results in the future. Not only does it show the user how to best co-collaborate as a part of an mBraining community, but also gives strong insight into how to best fit membership with specific business and personal requirements. Coaches and trainers will learn how to improve their chances of building their business development while coachees and those seeking training will better understand how to find their perfect match. Those looking to further research or simply gain insight also benefit, as this short course will show you how to access and share resource. How much does it cost? The course is completely free. How long does it take? There are seven short, daily steps with most requiring only the minimal amount of input. You should expect the average daily investment to be around only 10 minutes for days 1 to 6 with around an hour on day 7. What is a community Presence? Unlike a social presence, a community presence places everything on one platform, incorporating your profile, social posts, blogs, research, messaging and learning material in one place. In short, a community presence allows you to become a “rock star” in your chosen area and get noticed in the right ways. Briefing For a full course brief, see the "Courses" folder in the File Share Library.




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